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La Folle Journée de Nantes

du 01/30/2019 au 02/03/2019

La Folle Journée is a popular event founded on strong artistic demands, which have been the key to its storming success. The festival’s greatest achievement has consisted in overcoming the ...

Festival Détours de Babel

du 03/15/2019 au 04/07/2019

True novelty always arises from one’s roots”– Edgar Morin There is currently a widespread need felt among artists to make connections between their creative work and their history and origins, to ...

Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims

du 06/19/2019 au 07/20/2019

With the highest artistic standards, les Flâneries Musicales de Reims seeks to enable the audience, in a warm and convivial mood to encounter great well-known and less well-known composers from ...
Le Festival Finder, mis en place par EFA (European Festivals Association) est un outil de ...
Les inscriptions aux formations de France Festivals sont ouvertes !  Vous pouvez d'ores et déjà vous ...
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France Festivals

France Festivals, the French federation of music festivals and of the performing arts, has a two-fold mission.  First, it represents festivals with regard to governmental organizations and to partners, and second, it is instrumental in making its member festivals and their programs known to a broader public. Our federation affords its members a privileged vantage point in which expertise and projects can be shared.  As such, it assists its members in structuring and developing their festivals (organization, advice, assistance, training, and mediation services to manage festival communications).

Serving as a veritable showcase for the events and concerts of our member festivals, the France Festivals website gives the public the opportunity to discover the programs as well as the festival calendar for events scheduled throughout every region of France and at all seasons. Through our website you can also keep abreast of festival news in France and in Europe as well as the job and internship offers published on-line by our members.

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PLF 2019 : examen des crédits pour 2019 de la mission "Culture"

Franck Riester, ministre de la Culture, a abordé plusieurs sujets ...

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MaMA 2018 : « La disparition de festivals, un phénomène à traiter avec sérieux » (Serge Kancel, MC)

Article publié par News tank Culture le lundi 22 octobre 2018. Reproduit avec l'aimable ...

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« Sortir du Top 10 des artistes les plus programmés en festivals » (S. Chevrier, Check In Party)

Article publié par News tank Culture le lundi 24 octobre 2018. Reproduit avec l’aimable ...

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Les 1er et 2 juin s’est tenue pendant le Salon ...

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